Good environment. Happy to see the infrastructure. Enjoyed the hospitality. Thanks and kudos to all the support staff.

Mr. Vijay Kumar,
General Manager – HR,
i-exceed Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Excellent infrastructure, good hospitality , brilliant students. Keep growing and all the best. Good work!

Mr. P. Arumugam,
Managing Partner,
Precision Engineering ,

Mr. P. Arumugam

Hospitality was good. The management looks like they have very good motto. Keep going with same spirit.

Mr. Debasish Mondal ,
Senior HR Associate,
Globus Soft Technologies Pvt.Ltd.,

Mr. Debasish Mondal

Happy to be back at Jansons after 1.5 years. Hospitality is very good and we were taken care by Jansons staff. Happy to serve Jansons in all possible means I can because JSB is the only reason of what I am now.

Mr. R.Vigneshwaran ,
Managing Director,
Zafong Technologies LLP ,

Mr. R.Vigneshwaran

Very good infrastructure, very good hospitality, good and great support by the Team. Excellent space for interviews.

Mr. Arulkumar,
Managing Director,
Expert Assistance Services Pvt. Ltd.,

Mr. Arulkumar

Ambience is great and very enthusiastic students, very sensible questions. I had a great time and thanks for inviting.

Mr. Mohan Krishnaraj,
Global Head,
Aditi Technologies (Harmon),

Mr. Mohan Krishnaraj

Excellent organization. Good facilities. Looking for more energetic students to suit our needs. Hope to continue our association & Thank you for accommodating us.

Ms. S. Ishwarya ,
Manager - HR,
Decathlon Sports India Pvt.Ltd.,,

Ms. S. Ishwarya

Excellent ambience and well organized drive. Staff are very co-operative. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Mr. Sathiya Kumar ,
Manager - HR,
Emigta Business Solution Pvt. Ltd.,

Mr. Sathiya Kumar

Well organized, nice hospitality, happy to have come to your esteemed College.

Ms. Reena,
Sr. Manager - HR,
Arihant Duraplast Pvt. Ltd.,

Ms. Reena

Good hospitality and every thing was good. Hope to have a long relationship.

Mr. D. Shanmuga Sundaram,
Tech Unity Pvt. Ltd.,

Mr. D. Shanmuga Sundaram