"One day Work shop on "Boot Camp Coding" on 9th October 2018 "
Author : Jansons Institute of Technology
Date : 08.10.2018

 XOBIN @ JIT - IT Workshop

 XOBIN - IIT Research Park, Chennai based software product company has conducted a one day Bootcamp Coding Workshop for the second and third year students of circuit branches @ JIT campus on 9th October 2018. 

Mr. Guru Prakash the Founder & CEO of XOBIN imparted this one day workshop and the program was involved with the following five points schedule i.e.

1. Introduction to programming

2. Basic data structure and Algorithms

3. Introduction to Xobin on line compilers

4. Basic problem solving frame works

5. Writing the basic computer programs and also with online. 

This workshop has motivated the students for enhancing coding skills and also provided the individual experience and created lot of personal interest and involvement on coding, which will build the self confidence to meet the corporate expectations among the students during the recruitment process of top notch multinational companies in India.  

Finally there was a coding contest organised by them and three of our students namely M.Nilanjan from ECE – II year and Niyati Mittal & Manu Mohan from CSE - II year declared as Winners  and also awarded with  cash prizes as a token of appreciation by the CEO of XOBIN.