"Congratulations! Winners in Football tournament, Anna University Zonal Games 2019"
Author : Jansons Institute of Technology
Date : 03.10.2019

 Anna University Zone - IX

Football  Tournament - 2019
Our College Football(men) team have participated in the tournament and won "IInd Position.
The Team members are:
  1. Akash Arasappan T, I year CSE
  2. Akshay A T,III year CIVIL
  3. Divisharan P S, IV year MECH
  4. Gijendran V, IV year MECH
  5. Gowtham vasanth S, III year CSE
  6. JayaKarthik Kumar R D,I year CSE
  7. Jignesh M, II year CSE
  8. Karthikeyan S,III year EEE
  9. Kennady Augustin A, III year CSE
  10. Mohammed Zahee M,II year ECE
  11. Niaz Ahmed M,III year CSE
  12. Nithin K,IV year MECH
  13. Prabakaran R,II year EEE
  14. Praveen D,IV year MECH
  15. Ponmani Deva K, III year Civil
  16. Riyaz Ahamed S,I year ECE
  17. Rohit R, III year CSE
  18. Saravana R,IV year Civil
  19. Sunil Kumar M, III year CSE
  20. Yegnathan S,III year CIVIL