"Congratulations and Best Wishes to EEE Students Team to succeed in IICDC2019!!!"
Author : Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Date : 03.01.2020

 Congratulations and Best Wishes to EEE Students Team  to succeed in IICDC2019!!!

EEE Students Team in Semi-finals of India Innovation Challenge Design Contest (IICDC)


The following EEE students Team have reached semi-finals of the India Innovation Challenge Design Contest (IICDC)-2019


Student Name                                    Role                            Year/Dept     


Srinivasan G                                        Team Leader               III/EEE

Mythili S                                             Team Member 1          III/EEE

Sandhiya S                                          Team Member 2          III/EEE

EvanjalineSudarmathi M                    Team Member 3          III/EEE

Vidhya D                                             Team Member 4          III/EEE

VijayaRagavan M                               Team Member 5          III/EEE


Title of Project: “Rural Health Care Developers Under Emergency Conditions


Project Mentor : Prof.K.Krishnakumar, EEE Dept.


Best Wishes to the Team and Mentor for their continuance of success.