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Workshop on "Ineternet of Things" on 25.02.2019
Author : IEEE-WIE Student Branch
Date : 25.02.2019

 Workshop on "Internet of Things" on 25.02.2019

IEEE Student branch and Women-In Engineering AG of JIT organized an workshop on "Internet of Things" for all the IEEE student members and few non members who were really interested to get awareness on Internet of Things.  The workshop was delivered by Prof.G. Myilsamy, AP-ECE and his team of student members namely Mr.J.A. John Bazil, IV year ECE, Mr.R. Ramanarayanan, III year CSE and Mr.B. Ravirajan, III year ECE.  Totally, 28 students attended this one day workshop on 25th February 2019 at Networks Laboratory.

The term Internet of Things (often abbreviated IoT) was coined by industry researchers but has emerged into mainstream public view only more recently. IoT is a network of physical devices, including things like smartphones, vehicles, home appliances, and more, that connect to and exchange data with computers.

The workshop exactly started at 9.15am the welcome address and the introduction to IOT was given by Mr.G.Myilsamy. The introduction to wireless networks, Internet protocol and sensors was given by Ravirajan.A.B from 9.30 am to 10.30am. During the tea break the students were given a task to find out the names of sensors in their mobile phone. After the tea break the session was carried out by John Bazil. He explained about the IOT mechanism and the features of Arduino. Students were assigned a task to find out the application of wireless network during the lunch interval. After the lunch John Bazil explained about the relay and home automation. Followed by that that there was a practical session in which the students learnt about the google assistant,LED module, Relay module , creation of feed in adafruit ,coding and controlling through IFT. The valedictory ceremony was given by Ramanarayanan.R.