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IEEE S-PAC 2019 on 31.08.2019
Author : IEEE-WIE Student Branch
Date : 31.08.2019

IEEE Student Branch of Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore has organized an IEEE Student Professional Awareness Conference IEEE-SPAC 2019 on 31 st August 2019. This programme is organized with an aim of meeting up of all the student and professional IEEE members to share their experience and volunteerism with each other.

The Conference was funded by Student Activities Committee of IEEE Member and Geographical Activities (MGA) Board. The Conference was also financially co-sponsored by IEEE Education society and Photonics Society of IEEE Madras Section.

Totally 71 participants were registered, out of that 38 IEEE members and 33 non IEEE members attended the session. The participants were from across IEEE Madras section Student Branches.  Dr.S. Sundaresh, DRDO Distinguished Fellow and Vice Chair, IEEE Madras Section was the chief guest for this event. The Programme started by 10.00 am on 31.08.2019. The programme started with IEEE Code of Ethics by Ms. Nilanjana, IEEE SB Volunteer. Dr.S. Sundaresh, Vice Chair, IEEE Madras Section given opening remarks for the Conference. He explained the purpose of this congress and importance of the same. He also described the various qualities required to grab professional opportunities in the society which is changing continuously. In his technical talk he elaborated various contributions of DRDO to the country.

He also shared the various technical advancements that the upcoming Engineering Professionals need to get updated. He also throws light on attributes required for better employability skills. He finally briefed about the IEEE madras section activities and gave informations on career building. Mr.Aravindhan Anbazhagan, Development Associate, Teach for India, delivered his felicitation address.

The second session of the day was by Mr.M. Senthilkumar, Cofounder, GeoMeo Informatics, Madurai. He has delivered a session on “How Artificial Intelligence can provide Healthcare to Rural area?” .The session was a very interesting one in which he completely narrated about his experience of developing a healthcare product based on Artificial Intelligence. A smart AI product which continuously monitors the health related parameters of pregnant women and connects the various data to the respective monitoring software and provides the pregnant women a better medication.

The session succeeded by Dr.A. Darwin Jose Raju, Steering Committee member, IEEE SIGHT MGA(USA). He detailed about the various operations and best practices of an IEEE Student Branches. In his address, he explained about the importance of planning and executing the activities of an IEEE student branche and he encourages all the Student Branch Officers to nominate for various awards instituted by IEEE madras section, Region 10, Council and MGA.

Ms.Ankayarkanni, Software Engineer at FORMCEPT Technologies cum Steering Committee member, IEEE SIGHT MGA(USA) delivered a session on “Serve the Underserved with IEEE SIGHT”. She explained about the functions of IEEE SIGHT at MGA level and its various activities globally to change the societal status of unserved and underserved people across the globe. She also detailed the various schemes of projects that could be funded or supported by IEEE SIGHT MGA.

Mr.Asvanth Narayanan, System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services cum Vice President, Public Relations in TCS toastmasters Insurance Club enthrawled the crowd by his motivating speech in the title “Skills to Build your Career”. He explained the various qualities required to improve the attitude and behavior skills in a professional environment.

Mr.R. Ramanarayanan, Chair, JIT IEEE SB explained about the IEEE Day celebration to be done on 01.10.2019 globally. He also requested all the student branch officers to celebrate IEEE day at their Student branches in grand manner and also to report the same to him, as he is one of IEEE Day celebration Ambassodar for IEEE Madras section.

The Section volunteers Mr.Aravindan, Mr. Asvanth, Mr.Ramanarayanan conducted an ice breaking session with lot of networking among the participants and made lot of fun. 

The post lunch session was handled by Dr.S. Elangovan, Counselor, JIT IEEE Student Branch. He gave an insight of “IEEE SB Revamping, Awards and nominations”. He explained about the roles and responsibilities of IEEE SB officers including the society chapters at student branch level and section level.

He shared his experience of his tenure as Chair, SB Revamping in the past years. He also narrated how he revamped 42 student branches under IEEE Madras section. He also requested the members to promptly report to IEEE headquarters about the officer reporting and student branch reporting inorder to enable them to get their rebate and mark their active presence globally. He motivated all the SB officers to nominate themselves and other potential volunteers to apply for the various awards at various OU level.

Mr.Aravindan Anbazhagan explained how to achieve the goals and how execute the same in a well planned manner.

The final address was delivered by Dr.B. Somasundaram, Consultant, Digital Transformation, Siemens Ltd., South India. In his Address, he explained the evolution of Industry 4.0 and how the students need to engage their learnings and projects towards Industry 4.0. He also encouraged the participatnt to plan their projects for real time applications.

The Programme was well organized by Dr.S. Elangovan, Dr.G. Vetrichelvi and Mr.M. Mylsamy of Jansons Institute of Technology IEEE student branch and all the sessions were well received by the participants. The event was highly informative in the field of networking among various student branches. Some of the inactive student branch officers were motivated with the activities going on at various student branches and assured to revamp their student branches in terms of no. of memberships and activities. Some Institutes which doesn’t have IEEE student branch were attracted well and assured to start and keep live of their IEEE student branch.