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“IEEE Xtreme 13.0 (A 24 hours Programming Contest)” on 19.10.2019
Author : IEEE-WIE Student Branch
Date : 19.10.2019

IEEE Student Branch of Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore hosted the global contest “IEEE Xtreme 13.0” on 19.10.2019. IEEE Xtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members and a proctor (Professional member) per team participated. The contest started on 19.10.2019, 5:30 am and ended up by 20.10.2019, 5:30 am. From our SB, totally 9 teams participated. The details of the team are as follows:

Team Name: Rastechs        Proctor:Elangovan S

1. Ravirajan AB IV year ECE 

2. Anbukkarasi SP III year ECE-A 

3. Shalini E III year ECE-A  

Team Name: Codenerds     Proctor:Elangovan S

1. Harsha H IV year ECE 

2. Hey Ram I year EEE 

3. Sasmitha S III year ECE-B

Team Name: Cyclopz          Proctor:Elangovan S

1. Sri Varshini M III year ECE-B 

2. Jagan G Mohan III year ECE-A 

3. Deepana S III year ECE-A 

Team Name:DVP                 Proctor:Vetrichelvi G

1. Priya S III year ECE-B 

2. Vishali S III year ECE-B 

3. Divya R III year ECE-A 

Team Name:Scube             Proctor: Vetrichelvi G

1. ShofiyaFahima K III year ECE-B 

2. SenthurVelan E II year ECE 

3. Sindhu C III year ECE-B 

Team Name: Stormians       Proctor:Vetrichelvi G

1. Nilanjana M III year ECE-B 

2. Mohammed Rashiq A III year ECE-A 

3. Booranapriya S III year ECE-A 

 Team Name: Teckhillah       Proctor:Velayudham A

1. MuhammedJavith M III year ECE-A 

2. VedhaVikashini D III year ECE-B 

3. Subashini M III year ECE-B 

 Team Name: Map                Proctor:Velayudham A

1. Sri Aishwariya R III year ECE-B 

2. Poojashri V III year ECE-B 

3. Madheshwari S III year ECE-A

Team Name: Ceointhehouse    Proctor:Velayudham A

1. Ramanarayanan R IV year CSE

2. Suvedharan M IV year ECE

The venue for the programme was Networks laboratory and later conducted at Common Computer Centre 1 at our institution. All the 26 students attended the contest. The programme exactly started as per schedule (05:30 am). There were 30 problems one by one were posted at various time schedules. The teams were very eager in solving the same. All the teams were discussing on various problems. They could able to solve ten problems and uploaded the same. But they have got scores for only six problems. The final score and global rank are not yet released by IEEE Xtreme team. But tentatively (as the screen shows) the score for all the teams is 110.10. Compared to the previous year (Score was 28.10), this year there is a tremendous improvement on approaching the programming situations in the students.

Dr.A. Muthukumaran, Prof. & Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering visited and wished all the participants on active Programming and also congratulated the office bearers of JIT IEEE student branch for the conduction of IEEE Xtreme for the third consecutive year.

The participants gave their feedback on the conduct of IEEE Xtreme from 07:15 pm to 07:45 pm. The students were excited about the contest and they were happy that they could solve few problems and there is a big improvement in their performance compared to last year. Ms.M. Srivarshini, III ECE, a Volunteer of India Council SAC team, shared her experience of All India Students, Young Professionals and WIE Congress 2019 held from 27.09.2019 to 29.09.2019 at CMR Institutions, Hyderabad.

Prior to the feedback session, goodies such as IEEE YP pen, webcam cover slide, YP pins were given to all the participants to motivate them.

As Promised last year, the number of teams that took up the challenge has increased so the scores of the teams. Students had contacted Mr.Prakash, AP-ECE and Mr.Titus for clarifying their doubts during program development, and got guidance from Mr.John Bazil an Alumnus of JIT. 

We fail our duty if we don’t thank our proctors, Dr.G. Vetrichelvi, Dr.A. Velayudham and Dr.S.Elangovan for their constant support and the guidance from the beginning.

JIT IEEE SB thanked the management for providing the infrastructure for the contest during the busy working days. They also thanked CEO sir and Principal sir who gave them moral support and their encouragement towards this programme.