Department of EEE

Faculty Rejuvenation Program
Author : Department of EEE
Date : 10.07.2017


The “Faculty Rejuvenation Program” was conducted for the EEE faculty members and the lecture was delivered by DrS.Elangovan, Head/Department of EEE. The learning capability of the students with respect to the anatomy of the brain was presented.  The behavior of the students in the classroom environment and the mode of handling the students in a comfortable way werediscussed. The methods of effective teaching and the tips to keep in mind when delivering a lecture were described. Different examples for effective teaching were provided and the impact on the learning of the students was emphasized. Few of the teaching tips were

·         Take huge time for preparation

·         Respect the students

·         Do not be biased towards the students

·         Appreciate the good deed of the students in front of all

·         Do not escape from situation

·         Accept the reality in front of the students

                                The mantra for long term happiness was discussed. Finally the importance of SWOT analysis and how to perform SWOT analysis for a subject was described. The PARETO analysis (80:20 concept) was introduced. The lecture indeed rejuvenated the faculty for the new academic year.