E-Graphié 2K18
National Contest on Engineering Graphics

24th November 2018

  Engineering Graphics is a technique of creating graphical representation of an abstract concept into real world object. The potentialities of drawing as an engineer’s language may be made use of, as a tool for imparting knowledge and providing information on various aspects of engineering. This National Level Contest on Engineering Graphics [E-Graphié] is organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Jansons Institute of Technology, in association with Indian Society for Technical Education (Tamil Nadu & Puducherry Section) and it is especially for the first year B.E / B.Tech students of 2018 – 2022 Batch. The theme of the contest is to find, discuss and encourage the young minds in the Engineering Graphics field. This contest consists of three dynamic round and questions will be based on GE8152 – Engineering Graphics (Anna University 2017 Regulation) Syllabus.

 ✐ Participants can form a team (Maximum of Two) irrespective of the department with in the college.
 ✐ Registration fee is Rs. 300 per team which include Lunch and Refreshment.
 ✐ Participants must bring their college ID card
 ✐ Participation Certificates will be given to all the registered teams
 ✐ Participants must bring their necessary drawing tools (Pencil, Mini-drafter etc.,)
 ✐ Drawing Sheets will be Provided to the Participants
 ✐ Spot registration is also available (Limited seats only)
 ✐ Participants can avail the Bus facility of Jansons Institute of Technology from Karumathampatti bus stop. (Contact the Coordinators for bus timings)


Contest consist of three rounds as follows,
Round I - Online Exam
 ✐ All Participants must attend the online Test
 ✐ 30 Multiple Choice Questions will be asked [With in the EG Syllabus]
 ✐ Duration will be 30 Minutes
 ✐ Negative Marks (1/4th) for every wrong answer

Round II - Technical Drawing
 ✐ Duration will be maximum of Two and Half Hours
 ✐ As a team, All the Participants must choose any one of the following topics

Draw the Projection
Projection of Lines, Planes and Solids
Maximum of 10 Questions will be given to the team
Participants have to Manual Draft
Make Your Model
Projection of Sectioned Solids & Development of Surfaces
Maximum of 10 Questions will be given to the team
Participants have to Manual Draft and cut the Paper to make the Truncated model
Measure & Draft
Isometric & Orthographic Projections
Maximum of 8 Physical Components will be given to the team
Participants have to Measure the Dimensions and Manual Draft the Orthographic & Isometric Views
Round III – Technical Quiz
 ✐ Teams will be shortlisted based on the score obtained in the Round I & II
 ✐ Qualifying Teams will be undergo 5 Rounds
 ✐ Questions will be in the mode of PPT and within the EG Syllabus
 ✐ Duration will be one hour
 ✐ Winning and Running teams will finalized at the end of this round

Faculty Coordinators
 Mr. Davis Hans S J [AP / Mech] +91 7811858855
 Mr. F Alexander [AP / Mech ] +91 9788091612