Engineer's Day 2016
Author : Jansons Intitute of Technology
Date : 30.09.2016





In view of celebrating the Birthday of Sri.MokshagundamVisvesvaraya, Engineers day is celebrated on 15thSeptember every year. On account of this, Department of Computer Science & Engineering organised Project Expo’16 on 15.09.16.

The Project Expo featured 37 projects performed by teams and individuals. It facilitated the students to enhance the culture of scientific inquiry and its relevance in real world applications. Also it underlined the strong connection among student community. 

Based on criteria like Level of Implementation, Presentation, Concept & Newness, the projects were evaluated by Dr. G. Vetrichelvi (Head of the Department, Electronics and Communication Engineering)&Mr. F. Alexander (Asst. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering). The projects with overwhelming ideas were awarded prizes. Also Consolation prizes were awarded to those students who had an out of the box thinking.


The Engineer’s day was celebrated by the EEE department on 22/09/2016. In connection with the celebration, EEE association ‘ELECTRICO’ organized a project contest, Various Events for the EEE students. Students from various years exhibited their project and participated in various Events. The Project contest, Events were conducted in Electrical Machines lab, Power Electronics lab, LH11 and LH12.

The Technical innovative Event Mr./Ms.Electrical were conducted for all the EEE Students.  Prelims were conducted in many stages and final round was conducted on Engineers’ day and Mr. Electrical Cash award Rs.3000/ was Won by Mr.S.Gopalakrishnan of Final EEE.   

         Prize distribution was conducted in evening by 3.00 p.m. and Mrs.A.Radhika HOD/CSE distributed the Cash award and certificate to the students. The function was over by 3.30 p.m.


In a view of honouring eminent Engineer Sir.Sri Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, Engineers’ Day was celebrated, on 15.09.2016 at JIT campus. On that day Students of Civil Engineering department exposed their talent by organising and participating in various events like CAD CONTEST, MANUAL DRAWING, 3d UNRAVELMENT, QUIZ CONTEST, CODE BOOK CRACKING, AND MODEL PRESENTATIONS.


This Program Engineer's Day is observed on September 15 in honor of legendary engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya (1861-1962).  The program is intended for the broader academic community who seeks to explore the impact of in the industry. This Program provides platform for their students to do real time projects in various domain like Embedded systems, Robotics, Industrial Automation, Home automation, Image processing, Wireless communication, Neural networks etc.  The Department of ECE channelizes the students in various events like Project Presentation, Paper Presentation, Robo Race, Code Debugging, Circuit Debugging, Poster Design contest etc.

The students from Second year, third and final Year students have participated in the event. The students are involved in doing various projects in various domains like Embedded systems, Robotics, Industrial Automation, Home automation, Image processing, Wireless communication, Core electronics etc. The students displayed around 34 projects, presented 80 Technical Papers in various venues. The final year students have organized the events and displayed Real Time Project Autonomous Electrical Vehicle “Proto-CUTE (Prototype-Combined Ultra Tech Engine)”. The final year student members of ECE Association (ELCOM) of ECE department have actively organized the events successfully. All the events were properly scheduled and informed to the students for effective participation. The events were conducted in the department class rooms and laboratories. The paper presentation event was chaired by the senior faculty members of ECE department. Dr.S.Elangovan Professor and Head, EEE Department and Prof. A.Radhika Head, CSE Department was invited to judge the best projects in project presentation event.


Department of Mechanical Engineering has organized a one day project presentation on Engineer’s Day on 22.09.2016. Students of the department of Mechanical Engineering have displayed 21 number of projects such as solar drier, parabolic projector, pressure plate valve, pneumatic paper cutting machine, pneumatic hand saw, remote cars, beam engine, stirling engine, modified catalytic converter for air pollution control, etc., and all the projects have been appraised by the peer committee. Based on appraisal submitted by the committee, five prizes and participation certificates were awarded for the students. Also the students are motivated to extend their projects.