Symposium 2017
Author : Jansons Institute of Technology
Date : 20.04.2017


Karumathampatti, Coimbatore-641659

National Level Technical Symposium - 2017


The department of Civil Engineering organized a national level technical symposium CIZIM 2k17 on March 22nd, 2017. The function commenced with the Invocation. This was followed by the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and the welcome address by final year student Ms.N.DivyaPrabha. Er.S.Jagadeesh Kannan Managing Director of Archetype Design Services Pvt Ltd.,Coimbatore was the Chief Guest.In the Inaugural address, he enlightened the students on the latest technological advancements in the field of Civil Engineering. He also highlighted about the career developmentsof the young Engineers in various fields in Civil Engineering.TheE-Newsletter ‘Rein4z’ was released by the chief guest on the auspicious occasion.

In connection with this various events like Paper presentation, Cad Contest, Brick Bonding, Technical quiz were conducted. There was an over whelming response from the students of various Engineering colleges with about 100 participants. The students from various Institutions presented their papers from different streaming such as Geo-Technical, Structures, Environmental, Irrigation and Advancement in Construction Technologies and Management. Lunch was provided to all participants, co-coordinators and faculty members.

Valedictory function started at 4.00 pm. Students from different colleges shared their experience about CIZIM 2K17. This was followed by Prize distribution to the winners.The winners were declared and prizes were distributed to3 toppers from each event. Participation certificates were also provided to all the participants.

Finally,Mr.S.MuhamedAnas third year student delivered the vote of thanks.The function came to an end with the National Anthem.


The Third National Level Technical Symposium “TEKIBITS’17” was conducted successfully on 11th March 2017 at Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The day greeted all with pleasant and memorable moments. The invocation began with the prayer song and the dignitaries on the dais lit the kuthuvizhaku. The welcome address was delivered by Mr. Hitesh Singhal, the secretary of Computer Science and Engineering Association (CSEA) and the organizer of the symposium. The inaugural address was delivered by our honourable Chief Guest and Alumni of JIT Mr.S.Mohammed Thanveer, HR Executive, Virtusa Polaris Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore who made the event extraordinary and shared his knowledge about the IT Company’s acquisitions and various job opportunities that lay ahead of the students. He described about the difference between programmers and coders and he also explained that the programmers are the backbone of the applications developed in the Industry and not the coders. He asked the students to become skilled in any one tool and explore the best in it. The newsletter of CSE department “Virtura” (Quality in Academics) was released by the Chief guest.

         Students from various colleges eagerly participated in various events. Paper presentation contest helped in exploring the innovative technical minds of the participants. Events such as Code Debugging, Technical Connections, Meme Creations, Crypt Your Mind and Out of Box Thinking were conducted to squeeze brains and to enrich their knowledge. The events not only captured the interest of every individual present there, but also left them captivated. The symposium provided the students a rostrum for innovation and the fortitude to think critically, plan, execute and achieve.

The Third National Level Technical Symposium came to a close with the valedictory ceremony. The top 3 winners of all the events were honoured with cash prizes and certificates. The participants were also awarded with certificates. Ms.V.Sujitha, Treasurer of CSEA thanked all for their effective guidance and support to make this function a grand success and memorable.


ECTRANZ-2K17, the National level Technical Symposiumwas organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering on 14.3.2017 at Jansons Institute of Technology.The Symposium called to order with the inaugural function at 9.30am in Sivaganga Auditorium. The welcome address of the gathering was given by Ms. Hema.K, Joint Secretary, Final year ECE. Following the welcome address , the annual report of ELCOM association for the academic year 2016-2017 was presented by Mr. Sriram.G, Secretary, Final year ECE.  Mr.M.Datchinamurthy, Technical Lead-Operation Support System, Nokia, India was the chief guest of the inaugural function and delivered the inaugural address.He briefed about the significance of Electronics and Communication Engineering in the present scenario and enlightened the participants on “OSS & GSM Architecture”.He also shed light on the career prospects that lay ahead of students in Telecom industry. This was followed by the release of the Newsletter of ECE department.

The programme comprised of technical and non technical events namely Paper presentation,Robowar, Robo race, Line follower,Circuit debugging, Photography, Face painting, Short film,Poster design,Quiz and Fun events. A total count of 114 participants from various colleges in and around Tamilnadu attended the function.

The Valedictory ceremony commenced at 4.00pm in Sivaganga auditorium. Cash Prize along with merit certificate was awarded to the participants/teams who secured the first and the second place in the events. The Participation certificate was also given to all the participants. Following this, the participants were asked to give their feedback on the conduct of symposium. Participants from different colleges shared their experience about ECTRANZ-2K17. Finally, the vote of thanks was delivered by Ms.K.Sivaranjani final year student. The valedictory ceremony came to a successful end with the National Anthem.


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in association with Jansons Institute of Technology IEEE Student Branch organized “A National Level Technical Symposium EESARGA IGNIZ’17” on 21st March 2017 at Sivaganga Auditorium, Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.  Dr.S. Sundaresh, Distinguished Fellow, DRDO Chennai and Chair, Technology in Engineering Management Society, IEEE Madras Section was the Chief Guest.  Mr.K.Vishnuvarthan, Student Chairman, ELECTRICO (Association of EEE) for the year 2016-17 welcomed the gathering.  Ms.S. Alagulakshmi, Coordinator IGNIZ’17 unveiled the facts about the symposium.  Mr.K. Chandra Prakash, Coordinator, IGNIZ ’17 introduced the Chief Guest.

The Chief Guest delivered the Inaugural Address.  In his Address, he interacted with the students about the recent advances of Power Electronics controllers and the latest Electrical Drive applications in Defence Industries. Moreover he briefed about the recent technologies used in the defence vehicles such as systems of torpedoes, Integrated Fire control systems for battle tanks and several technologies for battle tanks.  He also explained about the latest challenges faced by the students and how to solve them.  He spoke on various challenges available with DRDO for the students to take up as their Research and to contribute to the Country.  Following this the Souvenir of the Symposium was released by the Chief Guest.  He also released ‘LIVEWIRE’, the e-Newsletter of the department. 

         The students of Department of EEE, Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore had various projects to showcase the recent technologies. It includes the history of various Scientists who contributed to Electrical Engineering and also about power resources available in India. The Chief Guest visited the display projects done by the students of Jansons Institute of Technology and appreciated the students for the efforts they put in and gave them different ideas for similar projects.

A total count of 136 students from 22 Engineering Institutions across the state participated in the Technical Fest. The events conducted in the Symposium are Paper Presentation, Project presentation, Technical Connections, Technical Quiz, Circuit Debugging, Puzzle race, Adzap, Mock Press etc.  The Chief Guest evaluated the Project Presentations and appreciated the students for their Projects and offered new technical ideas for improving their projects further. 

Ms.B.Subathi, IV year EEE proposed the Vote of Thanks. The programme was well organized and well attended by the delegates.  The delegates in their feedback session have amazed about the Infrastructure of the Institution, hospitality provided to them, organization and flow of the programme and volunteering nature of students and faculty members of the department.


Gralitz‘17 “A national level technical symposium” was conducted on April 1st, 2017 at Sivaganga Auditorium in Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore. The main objectives of the symposium were to explore the various technical skills in the field of Mechanical engineering and to have a technical knowledge sharing among the budding engineers. The event brochure was sent to various institutions in and around Coimbatore. Around 212 participants from 26 reputed institutions actively participated in various events.

The welcome address was given by Mr.Bhuvanvijay Krishna, student of final Year Mechanical Engineering. The chief guest profile was unveiled by Ms.Priyadharshini, student of third Year Mechanical Engineering. The symposium was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr.PrabaharAnnamalai, CEO of VectraFORM, Coimbatore. The address was focused on introducing his company and the various opportunities available in the field of rapid prototyping.  A motivational video was screened by the chief guest about the importance of knowledge and how it is evolved over the years.

Following this the first edition of newsletter for the academic year 2016-2017 was released by the chief guest and a copy was given to the head of the mechanical department. The chief guest visited the variety of models displayed for the symposium and interacted with the students about the models and wished them for their future.

The National level symposium had 9 Technical Events and 2 dynamic racing events. The outline of the 11 events are given below: 

·        Paper Presentation : The event focused on exploring the technical ideas and presentation skills

·        Quiz :   The event’s aim was to promote the knowledge in the field of Mechanical engineering discipline

·        CAD modelling: The ability to visualize the product even before manufacturing.

·     Production Engineering:  The event was to test the participants in all aspects of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of Mechanical engineering.

·        Poster Presentation: This event focused on how to prepare and present the idea or concept in graphical manner in field of Mechanical engineering.

·   Perfect Engineer: This event helped to promote the participants innovative ideas and encourages their skills and presentation.

·        Business plan: It was the action or business of promoting and selling products in front of judges.

·        Junk Yard: This event focused on the idea for making a component from mechanical waste.

·        Mr.Mechanic: The event aimed at testing the participants in all aspects of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of Mechanical engineering.

·         Mini Bike Race: This was about racing of 100cc bike which was designed and fabricated by the participants.

·     RC Car Race: Radio controlled car (RC car) was to showcase their skill and technology involved for fabricating their model. 

Papers were presented in various fields of mechanical engineering. 82 Participants from various engineering institutions actively presented their technical papers and share their thoughts and received feedbacks about their paper.

          The Prelims for the events were successfully conducted in the Forenoon session and the final round was conducted in the Afternoon session.  The active participation of students in various technical events was overwhelming. The number of students participated in various events are listed below:

Name of the Event

Number of participants



CAD Modelling


Production Engineering


Poster Presentation


Perfect Engineer


Business plan


Junk Yard





The Bike racing event was conducted in the Forenoon and Afternoon sessions in the ground in the respective tracks which was done by student teams. For the Minibike event 16 teams with their designed and fabricated bikes participated and various tests were carried out for the winning team. For the RC event 2 teams participated and they raced their model in the track.

In all the 9 technical events the winners were awarded with the cash prize of Rs.1200 and the runners were honored with the cash prize of Rs.600. In the Mini bike racing event three winners were honored with the cash prize of Rs.10, 000, Rs.7, 000 and Rs.5, 000. In addition to the Best rider award and the best design awards were given in the event. Finally the Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Rajesh, student of final Year Mechanical Engineering.