Cloud based Machine Learning for IoT Devices
Author : Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
Date : 09.10.2019

 Cloud based Machine Learning for IoT Devices

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized an IEEE Madras section sponsored Two day hands-on workshop on the topic “Cloud based Machine Learning for IoT Devices”on September 30 and October 1, 2019. About 79 students and 3 faculties from various colleges participated in the workshop.

The workshop session started with discussions on the impact of IoT in real world, importance of cloud platform and state of the art Machine Learning models. The Hands-on Training helped the students understand Python programming data types, control flows, file exceptions and error handling. Hands-on Raspberry pi-3 boards made the students do real time experiments like LED blinking, buzzer connection with various clock cycles. The students learned how to interface ultrasonic sensor to overcome intrusion of any objects. Raspberry pi interfacing helped students to know more about the designing of real time complex systems in an embedded background.

The participants learned how to program IoT applications with various functions like Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib in controlling objects. The Hands-on sessions helped participants to overcome issues in Machine Learning by implementing KNN algorithm with Real sensor data. It also helped in connecting IoT devices with Google cloud to manage real time sensor data.

In the valedictory function, certificates were issued to the participants by our faculties.