Author : NSS - JIT
Date : 12.02.2020


NSS Special Camp

Day 1 (11.02.2020)

NSS wing of Jansons Institute of Technology organized NSS Special camp at Padhuvampalli village from 11. 02. 2020 to 17.02.2020.

On 11.02.2020, students were actively involved in surveying the village to know about the life style and necessity of village people, activities planned and preparation for forthcoming days.

Day 2 (12.02.2020)


On 12.02.2020, the camp started with a faculty interaction program involving the faculty members of our college. Then the students were actively involved in the work of digging pits for the tree plantation program in and around the village. In the afternoon session, our NSS volunteers actively participated in “WATER CONSERVATION PROGRAMME”- door to door awareness activities. In this awareness we educated the people about the issue of water scarcity and water conservation methods. Also we conducted “SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT” – awareness rally, we have educated the people about proper segregation and disposal of waste in secured way.


Day 3 (13.02.2020)


On 13.02.2020, our camp starts with prayer and NSO team of JIT conducted sport events for Panchayat Union Primary School children. Along with that our NSS team and Energia club created awareness about energy conservation for village people and NSS volunteers were involved in village area cleaning activities. In afternoon session, Dengue awareness rally and door to door campaign was conducted for the village people. 


Day 4 (14.02.2020)


On 14.02.2020, our camp starts with prayer and our NSS volunteers conducted yoga programme for school children. The Padhuvampalli village Panchayat president Mr. R. Saravanan accepted our invitation for tree plantation programme inside the school campus.  

In the afternoon session, “Basic computer education” was given for the school students by our college faculty members Ms. G. Krishnapriya and Ms. G. Vijipriya. Along with that Dr. Saravanan, veterinary doctor, Padhuvampalli veterinary hospital, addressed our volunteers about the importance of animals, safety from stray dogs, rabies and its preventive methods.