M.E. Power Electronics and Drives

In today’s scenario, Power Electronics emerges as a fundamental part of manufacturing and automation processes offering significant advantages in terms of flexibility and reduced energy consumption. Power Electronics is the enabling technology that deals with the conversion and control of electrical energy and is a preliminary course for research in Electrical Engineering which deals with design, control, computation and integration of nonlinear, time varying energy processing electronic systems with fast dynamics. It supports a wide range of applications such as power sources, renewable energy utilisation, transportation, high efficient lighting, modern displays, energy harvesting and saving systems. Started in the year 2012, this post graduation course is designed to train proficient engineers to meet the requirements of the industries related to power electronics and drives.

S.No Faculty Name Qualification Designation
Mrs. Akshatha R Hegde M.E. Asst. Professor
Dr. T. Meenakshi M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor
Dr. S. Sathish kumar M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor