Lecture on Environmental Sustainability – Inaugration of Jansons ECO Club

The Department of Civil Engineering conducted an inauguration of ECO Club on 07.08.15 by Dr.I.Padmanaban, Head of the Department, Civil Engineering.The session continued with the detailed explanation of Dr. I.Padmanaban regarding Construction involves activities like use of building materials from various sources, use of machineries, demolition of existing structures, use of green fields, cutting down of trees etc. which can impact environment in one or more ways.

He highlighted Civil engineering field being the major part of the economy, it is very essential that sustainable construction practice dominate the past followed the conventional construction practice and methods.

Need for Sustainable Construction

  • Generation of waste materials
  • Noise pollution due to use of heavy vehicles and construction machineries
  • Releases of wastes and pollutants into water, ground and atmosphere

He explained how to ensure sustainable construction in order to support sustainability in the field of construction, the building and the built environment have to satisfy some of the important criteria. This will include effective use of resources, pollution reduction, creating healthy environment and process management.