• To promote knowledge based Innovative business enterprise and emerging technological ventures that the nurturing ideas seek from budding engineers.
  • To assist individual innovators to become technology based entrepreneurs supporting untapped creativity.
  • To promote networking with other constituents of the innovation chain for commercialization of the developments.

To create effective entrepreneurial ecosystem of student owned new 30 Tech-based start-ups and relevant employment opportunities by 2025 by providing strong institutional support.


To help create a larger number of student-driven, on campus start-ups that will add to economic and social value. An entity that develops a business model based on either product innovation or service innovation and makes it scalable, replicable and independent.

S.No Title of the Proposal Principal Investigator Co - Principal investigator Reference ID
1. Establishment of Advance Scheme and Enhanced Laboratory Dr.P.Gowtham M.E.,Ph.D
Associate Professor / ECE
Mr.M.Krishna Kumar M.E.,(Ph.D)
Assistant Professor /MECH
2. Technology Enhanced and structured guideline for Closed loop Medicine Vending Machine Dr.T.Meenakshi M.E.,Ph.D,
Associate Professor / ECE
Mr.K.Krishna Kumar M.E,
Assistant Professor /EEE
3. Artificial Intelligence based Disease Diagnosis system for Smarter Environment Mr.C.Shanmugam M.E.,(Ph.D)
Professor / ECE
Mr.G.Myilsamy., M.E,
Assistant Professor /ECE
4. Design and Implementation of Solar plant for Easy Access Internet through LI-FI Dr.Shamila E.S M.E.,Ph.D,
Associate Professor / ECE
Ms.P.Eswari, M.E,(Ph.D)
Assistant Professor /ECE