Consultancy Activities

JIT-IIP strives to improve the product development activities and consultancy activities. We have the following consultancy activities with the following industries:  

List of Consultancy Activities (AY 2021 – 2022) 

Faculty training in Industry:

Jansons Institute of Technology is very keen in motivating the faculty members to enhance their practical knowledge by undergoing training in the nearby industries. Our faculty members had undergone industrial training from the following industries:

  • ICT Academy
  • Zoho Corp, Coimbatore
  • Salzer Electronics, Coimbatore
  • Wizaard Systems
  • ICT Academy
  • ICT Academy
  • ICT Academy
  • ICT Academy
  • ICT Academy
Expert Lectures from Industry:

JIT IIP maintains a very good rapport with various industries. Based on the rapport, it arranges the following for their students and faculty members.

  • Expert lectures
  • Guest lectures
  • Technical workshops
  • Technical awareness sessions
  • Career guidance sessions