About IIPC:

JIT – CCR aims at advising and creating all types of career opportunities for all its graduates. The college actively collaborates with industries and MoUs have been signed with many organizations. At the student level, the interaction is in the form of Industrial visits, internships, In-plant trainings, undergraduate projects, Placement of students etc., which helps the students to become industry-ready. Industry Readiness Courses and Value-Added Courses are framed with valuable inputs from industry experts. Short term industrial training, Industrial projects and consultancy activities help to keep the faculty, industry aligned to mutual requirements.

Guest lectures by industry experts are conducted from time to time to keep the students and faculty tuned to the latest industrial developments. For the industry personnel, basic refresher training courses are conducted and library, lab facilities are made available. Annual college-level meetings are organised with industry representatives to facilitate exchange of ideas and for networking. The industry Institute Partnership coordinators from various departments, the expertise available with faculty for consultancy and the laboratory facilities are enumerated. The college promotes start-ups and the first round of incubates are also encouraged.

IIPC Co-ordinators:

    • Dr.S. ELANGOVAN – Head-Corporate Relations
    • Mrs.M.S. KRISHNAPRIYA – Dept. of AI & DS
    • Mr.D. SUDHAKAR – Dept. of Civil Engg.
    • Dr.E.S. SHAMILA– Dept. of CSE
    • Mrs.P. SIVAMANI – Dept. of ECE
    • Dr.K. MAHENDRAN – Dept. of EEE
    • Dr.N. SRINIVASAN – Dept. of Mechanical Engg.


      • To fill the gaps between the needs of the industry and the curriculum offered.
      • To foster networking and exchange of knowledge between engineers/managers/scientists/technocrats, faculty members and students.
      • To keep pace with the trends and disruptive changes taking place in the industry.
      • To have exposure to industrial problems and practices.
      • To deploy academic expertise for industrial problem-solving.

The Practice:

      • Technical lectures by industrial experts are useful to the students to get real time practice in industries.
      • Regular industrial visits of the students and faculty members are helping to understand the industrial practices and process.
      • Short term (1 or 2 weeks) and long term internship(2 months) for all the students of II-, III- and IV-year students are facilitated.
      • Ideathon, Project contest, Hackathon activities are regularly organized by various technical clubs and professional societies, wherein industrial experts are sharing expertise with the students.
      • Faculty members are undertaking consultancy activities to solve the real time problems faced by the industry.
      • Industry practitioners and standards organizations conduct codes and standards concept to our students every year.
      • Industry mentors help our students through various Entrepreneurship camps.
      • Alumni working in industries are invited to deliver technical talks, career counseling sessions, awareness sessions etc. to improve the bonding of the Alumni to the Almamater and interactions with the students.
      • Active Pre-Incubation center accommodating, facilitating and guiding the start-up aspirants.
      • Inclusion of industrial experts in all the core committees of the functioning cells and department academic councils.
      • Collaborating with industries in various activities by signing MoUs with them.

Industry Interaction Meetings:

IIP continuously organize meetings with Industrial experts to students and faculty members to discuss the various technological advancements and modern Industrial practices. A few of the Industries that  sent their experts for Industry Interaction meetings were: Microsoft, Wipro Technologies, Huawei Services(Hong Kong), Robert Bosch, Renault Nissan, Infosys, Accenture, Capgemini, Data Patterns, Salzer Electronics, COINDIA, Roots Industries, Manhattan Associates, Virtusa, Siemens, ZF Windpower, FACTANA Computing, Sparkout Tech Solutions, Wizaard Systems, New Technology, etc.,

Certification Courses from Industry:

We encourage and facilitate the students to learn the latest technologies and upgrade themselves by undergoing certification courses through Open online courses via. webportals like IBM, Infosys Springboard, FACTANA, Coursera etc. Students are continuously motivated to undergo online certification courses which enable them to enhance their knowledge of recent and cutting-edge technologies and hence improve their employability skill sets.

About 70% of the students and faculty members are certified by IBM, Coursera, Infosys Springboard and around 90% of students and faculty members are certified by FACTANCE Fogwing.

The Majority of the students and faculty members had completed the online courses in the following topics:

      • Industrial IoT Training
      • IBM – Data Privacy Fundamentals
      • IBM – Introduction to Cloud
      • IBM – Machine Learning with Python
      • IBM – Blockchain Essentials
      • IBM – Deep Learning Fundamentals
      • IBM – Big Data 101
      • IBM – Data Analysis with Python
      • IBM – Python for Data Science
      • IBM – Data Visualization with Python
      • Java Language features
      • Java Programming Fundamentals
      • Java SE 8 features

Career Option identification
Higher Studies – National and international
Competitive Examination – GATE, CAT, MAT, TANCET, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.
Entrepreneurship Development
Collaborative activities – Industry and Premier institutes and Incubation cell
Faculty as resource persons to industries
Faculty to deliver the expert talk to Professional societies
Faculty as subject resource persons to other institutes
Memberships of Industry Associations and other bodies- ICTACT, CODISSIA, DELNET etc.
Regular training – training plan
Industry training program for Faculty
Activities – workshops, technical talks, training
Industrial projects
Industrial visits
Centre of Excellence
Industry sponsored lab facilities