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A Flipped Classroom to Enhance Student Learning
Objectives of the Practice

JiT eEDU [Just in Time eEDUcation] is developed and practiced to enhance the learning experience of students apart from face-face learning. Another key aspect of this practice is to address the different learning styles and time duration required by the learners. JiT eEDU – A flipped classroom strategy using e-content is to ensure that students stay engaged and have a positive experience in learning, thereby achieving academic and holistic excellence.

The Context

The generation z are tech-savvy learners, and they follow different learning styles and prefer to learn at their own pace. Engaging this generation positively in the learning process traditional face-face teaching methodology is not adequate. To address their needs apart from classroom teaching and to promote self-paced learning as per their needs JiT eEDU is practiced. JiT eEDU has become a vital component in the mission of our institution which imparts quality education to our students, extending the learning process beyond the classroom and improving student success. The student-centered learning environment provides collaborative tools like email, chat, discussion forums, virtual classrooms and self-paced learning materials to assist students as they construct knowledge all at one place.

The Practice

The uniqueness of this practice of our institution lies not only in enhancing the technical knowledge, but also makes the students plug and play by imparting soft skills and product-based employability skills. The practice of flipped classrooms to enhance student learning using JiT eEDU employs different range of products like LMS to cloud storage services developed, hosted and maintained at the Institutions campus. JiT eEDU features the following ICT services for students learning and self-development.

The Learning Management System (Moodle @ JiT eEDU) powered by Moodle is used for delivering online learning/study materials for students which can be accessed before physical classes to have a flipped classroom experience. The study materials are uploaded along with sample problems for analytical courses and text description, videos and pictures for theory courses by respective course faculties along with well-prepared MCQs for self-assessment /assessment.

Centralized Cloud Storage Facility (JIT Cloud) powered by Nextcloud is provided to students and faculty for storing academic contents. The centralized web-based storage management with password protection provides all students and faculty hassle free access to academic documents anywhere (off/on campus) round the clock which helps students to complete assignments, other curricular and co-curricular activities.

Online survey facility (JIT Forms) powered by LimeSurvey is used for internal and external data collection and surveys. This facility is used to collect the stakeholder’s feedback regularly replacing the traditional surveys.

Cloud computing service (JiT eEDU IaaS) powered by OpenNebula is provided on a demand basis to students and faculties. It provides virtualized computing resources over the internet or private network for private usage. This service provides students/faculties to process, store, network and other fundamental computing resources that are deployed and run arbitrary software which include operating systems and applications remotely.

Virtual classroom/conferencing (JIT WCF Servers) creates digital white board classroom for virtual classrooms, meeting, and webinars via external resource persons.

All these products provide a unique opportunity and positive experience in self-paced learning for the students.

Evidence of Success

The implementation of JiT eEDU has provided support to both students and faculty members in the teaching and learning process. The measure of outcome is significant in terms of good number of pass percentage, placement records and programme outcome attainment. Students’ utilization in study materials and videos for theory courses have increased significantly. Easy use of e-books has helped to develop the student’s knowledge and reading habit which develops lifelong learning attributes. Online Quiz for prelims and MCQs for each topic based on GATE improved the aptitude knowledge of students and it increased the placement records. The availability of e-contents of study materials, previous year question papers and books have significantly reduced the usage of paper. JiT eEDU has become a shot in the arm for our students’ academic activities during Covid19. Beyond curriculum, the JiT eEDU aids students clubs viz, Google Developers Students Club (GDSC) and Delta X3 to exhibit their fortes and certifications earned by them are testimonials revealing the claim of success.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Though the practice of JiT eEDU is highly commemorated across our campus, still it encounters some inherent bottle necks which are well optimized and managed with our expertise. The challenge to make the JiT eEDU more effective is addressed by imparting training to students and faculty to accommodate themselves with the contemporary technological upgrades in the services of JiT eEDU.