About Department

Civil Engineering Department was started in the year 2009. It is the broadest of the engineering fields. Civil engineering focuses on the infrastructure of the world which include Water Works, Sewers, Dams, Power Plants, Transmission Towers/Lines, Railroads, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Irrigation Canals, River Navigation, Shipping Canals, Traffic Control, Mass Transit, Airport Runways, Terminals, Industrial Plant Buildings, Skyscrapers, etc.

Among the important subdivisions of the field are construction engineering, irrigation engineering, transportation engineering, soils and foundation engineering, geodetic engineering, hydraulic engineering, and coastal and ocean engineering. In Jansons, Civil Engineering Department equips the students with the latest trends. Students are exposed to real time projects and hands on training has also been provided.


To develop professionally competent and socially responsible Civil Engineers.


▪ Achieve excellence by exposing students to recent trends and technologies
▪ Instill moral, ethical and professional standards among students.

Programme Specific Outcomes

▪ Graduates will be able to analyze solution for Civil Engineering problems by applying in-depth knowledge.
▪ Graduates will be able to design and execute the projects independently by synthesizing information.
▪ Graduates will be able to adapt emerging technology and to find environmentally sound solutions.

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