Empowering students through Capacity building:

Jansons Institute of technology accomplishes its vision of germinating a unique brand of Engineers through value based technical education. The students are empowered through various distinctive measures and  enriching facilities rendered by the institution and are ready to meet the future calls with confidence and ease. The CAPACITY BUILDING INITIATIVE of students is a step towards facilitating the students with the required knowledge, experience and exposure to pursue their dreams. With the skills gained, the student becomes more determined and confident to face future goals. For this various measures were conducted to make student self-reliant and independent thinkers in sorting our various issues.

Academic support:

The institution with its highly qualified and dedicated faculty team makes it comfortable for the students to purse their degrees by providing the required academic support. The  extra hours of coaching during evening hours has greatly helped the academically weak students to perform well in examinations and they become graduated while stepping out of the institution.


Building Capacity and Addressing Skills Gap:


The institution takes its every effort to make the students industry ready. Certified industry readiness courses in the niche areas are conducted every semester for the students. Apart from it, JIT encourage the student community to explore, experiment and get expertise in the field of engineering and technologies as Self-Paced Learning.  Students share their experiences, knowledge and opportunities with other peer learners through regular meet-ups across the verticals through the Delta X3 Student Community – Xplore Xperiment Xpertise. The DeltaX3 student community initiatives are JIT – GDSC, AWS Academy and Collaboration with Google Crowdsource &Hack2Skill (H2S). Students of the community lead in getting selected as Ambassadors, The Community members have participated and Won in Hackathons including GitHub. The outcome is skill capacity in industrial core domain is developed and the students become self-reliant and efficient team leaders.


Capacity building through Industry connect:

To fill the gaps between the needs of the industry and the curriculum offered  and to keep pace with the trends and disruptive changes taking place in industry an effective industry connect is established with the industries. MoUs are signed between the institution and the industries to have a stronger linkage. Technical lectures by industrial experts are useful to the students to get the real time practice at industries. Regular industrial visits of the students and faculty members are helping to understand the industrial practices and process. Short term(1 or 2 weeks) and long term internship(2 months) for all the students of II-, III- and IV-year students are arranged. Industry practitioners and standards organizations conduct codes and standards concept to our students every year. Industry mentors help our students through various entrepreneurship camps. Alumni working in industries are invited to deliver technical talks, career counseling session, awareness sessions etc. to improve the bonding of the Alumni to the Almamater and interactions with the students. By this, the students are confident to take up the job opportunities and 150+ companies visiting regularly to recruit our students.

Capacity of Innovation:

Jansons Institute of Technology nurtures innovation capacity in the students through the well-structured council supported by the technical clubs help the students to address the real life challenges with innovative solutions.  Lecture talks by successful innovators, idea exploration, pitching, help the students understand the process of innovation, The innovative ideas and the proof of concept generated by the students are protected through the IPR cell and is successfully registered in the yukti portal. 53 ideas, 25 prototyes and 5 start ups are registered in the portal. Apart from it, student ideas were funded by the TNSCST projects scheme. In Smart India Hackathon, students have reached the grand finale.


 Capacity of Inclusive nature through JIT House Championship:

The JIT institutional house is a significant initiative by IQAC that brings the capacity of inclusiveness in the students. The houses offers our students a priceless chance to develop into the very best versions of themselves. The division of the students into five houses makes them work collectively towards the goal of championship without any socio economic differences. The JIT House Championship – JHC is intended to provide wider opportunities and empower our students allowing them to reach their full potential and prepare them for the next phase of their lives. The house championship features a huge variety of activities across the realms of academics, sports and games, creativity, and intellectual, with options ranging from participating to contributing. Each house is awarded with championship points for achieving parameters defined as below.

·         Citizenship and Leadership

·         Inclusiveness and Campus Engagement

·         Excellence in Co-curricular and Curricular

·         Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Research

·         Ethical and Professional Conduct

·         Perception


Capacity towards Socially responsible citizens:


Jansons Institute of Technology (JIT) encourages students to involve in social services to facilitate holistic evolution and takes various initiatives to inculcate students to pay attention towards social issues and contribution to the community. The institution sensitizes the students on duties and responsibilities through its activities and the students are prepared for societal and humanitarian challenges by having exposure through various extension activities. “The Bandham” –orphanage visit and the induction of human values through value education SIP cell helps the students to celebrate relationship, value each other and develop a communal relation.


The various capacity building initiatives empower the students down the verticals and the students are equipped with needed skillsets. The outcome is relished with their achievements, placement records and their valued deliverables to the society.