GitHub Education

Jansons Institute of Technology has joined GitHub Education as an institutional member and now the benefits of the programme are available to all staff and students.

Who should be interested?

This will be of particular relevance to:

    • Computer Science Students
    • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Students
    • Other Department Students involves in programming and CI/CD
    • Staff teaching Git/GitHub

What is GitHub Education?

GitHub Education provides students, academics and researchers with free/discounted access to industry standard tools and educational resources. All you need to do to access them is to sign up with your @cam email address.
GitHub Education for students

The GitHub Education lets you:

    • No-cost access to GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server for all of your technical and academic departments
    • 50,000 GitHub Actions minutes and 50 GB GitHub Packages storage
    • Teacher training to master Git and GitHub
    • Exclusive access to new features, GitHub Education-specific swag, and free developer tools from GitHub partners
    • Automated access to premium GitHub Education features, like the GitHub Student Developer Pack
    • have free access to industry-standard developer tools
    • access training resources to develop technical and leadership skills
    • build your portfolio
    • grow your personal networks.

How to access GitHub Education

You’ll need to create a GitHub account using your email address so you can log in to GitHub Educate:

    • Create your GitHub account
    • Sign in to GitHub Education