About Department

The department of Science & Humanities started in the year 2009 by highly qualified and experienced members. The department comprises of faculties from Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English who handle the basic science and engineering. The department has adopted latest teaching and learning process like e-learning, PPT, Seminars, Industrial Visits, Expert lectures from industry personnel etc., Our faculty members are committed to advancing science through publications, outreach activities, seminars and education of the scientific workforce.


  • To provide holistic education by offering stimulated teaching environment thereby ensuring the students to grow personally, intellectually and professionally efficient to serve the humanity and the environment with incite and ethics.


  • Executing innovative teaching – learning practices by empowering the students to explore their knowledge.
  • Imparting skills of communication, problem solving, critical thinking and appropriate use of technology.
  • To imbibe ethical behavior social responsibility and life-long learning attitude for the continuous growth and development.


  • To encourage the inquisitiveness in a student to understand the fundamentals of science and humanities.
  • To inform and discuss the latest development in science and humanitiesto utilize it for further development of technology.
  • To instigate the idea of research and motivate the students to develop new ideas and technology.