Jansons Sports Club

Every form of encouragement is provided to students who take an interest in sport activities, besides academics. Hence, JIT has established well-planned spaces for Ball Badminton, Shuttle, Volleyball, Basketball & Cricket.

Allocation is made with a view to maintaining a numerical balance between houses. The House system allows all students to participate in team sports and learn the skills in a variety of sports and games. The sports rotate so that students compete in a wide variety of sports as possible. Inter-house sport is usually conducted.

Special sporting competitions and social events throughout the academic year focus on team-building and relationships, creating bonds across age groups and a sense of community. These occasions also provide opportunities for leadership and personal growth and development.

Sports Day is held each year. The inter-house competition is held early in the first term. Students are able to compete in a wide range of events both formal and novelty to ensure the opportunity for all students to participate.

Sports Houses

Men's HouseWomen’s Houses

House Captain

AutumnSivanadhaa. G - CSE - IV Year
Aswin Shankar V - ECE - III Year
SpringPhoornesh T - MECH - IV Year
Ponkiran S - CSE - III Year
SummerSathishkumar K - MECH - IV Year
Karthikeyan S - EEE - III Year
WinterGijendran V - MECH - IV Year
Surya Narayanan A - CIVIL - III Year
PhoenixAnu Priya M - ECE - IV Year
Monisha M - CSE - III Year
AlbatrossN.Ramya Devi - CSE - IV Year
Sandhiya S - EEE - III Year
OstrichDeepthika P - CSE - III Year
Sanjitha C S - CIVIL- III Year