Anti-Drug Club

The Anti-Drug Club (ADC) is helps to control and address the hazard of substance abuse among the youngsters especially college students. The activities of the cell include boundless programmes through awareness lectures, public rallies, competitions, poster exhibitions, organizing campaigns etc. The club also associates with the counseling cell, discipline committee and other units of the college to provide counseling support, moral guidelines etc to needy students. In addition to this, ADC and Tamil Nadu Police Department makes joint endeavors to address the problems related to drug abuse.

A significant amount of our healthy young juveniles get addicted to these unwanted behaviors in due course of time posing a severe threat to their own wellbeing, while creating untold distress to their families and the public at large. In this context, Our Jansons Institute of Technology, Coimbatore in associate with Tamil Nadu Police Department has extended the activities to prevent substance abuse in college premises. Therefore within the confines of guidelines (Drive Against Drugs – DAD) proposed by the government of Tamil Nadu, a separate entity in the name of “Anti-Drug Club” has been created on 10th December 2021 in order to prevent drug abuse and similar abhorrent behaviors in and around the campus.

Objectives of the Anti-Drug Club

  • To spread awareness to ensure a drug/ substance free campus.
  • To engage the students in anti-drug activities and educating them about the ill-effects.
  • Motivate students to become volunteers of anti-drug activities in their life.