Skill Initiatives and Training for Capacity Building

Jansons Institute of Technology is committed towards imparting the skills in demand for the students. Apart from core competencies the following capacity building initiatives are made. 

Soft Skills Training: To help students develop and improve the interpersonal skills needed to be successful in the workplace, soft skills training which covers a range of topics, including communication, team building, leadership, and conflict resolution is offered by JIT – Centre for Corporate Relation.

Technology Focused Training: Apart from Industry Readiness Courses, the institution provides training in ICT, Basic Computing and Programming Languages to help students stay up-to-date on the latest technology through JIT – Centre for Corporate Relation.

Language and communication skills: To have a positive mindset, build relationships, and create a cohesive team at workplaces language and communication skills are essential for all students. JIT – Centre for Corporate Relation trains young minds in this aspect from the freshmen year.

Life Skills Training: To help students develop interpersonal and cognitive skills that are necessary to function in everyday life is offered as life skills training which includes activities such as self-care awareness for health and hygiene by NSS and Yoga training by Department of Physical Education. 


Skills and Capacity Building


Aptitude and Reasoning Training


Soft Skills Training


ICT and Computing Skills Training


Communication Skills Training


Life Skills Training