Power Electronics Laboratory

List of Equipments

Power Electronics Lab:

  • Characteristics SCR
  • SCR Firing Circuit
  • Characteristics of TRIAC
  • Characteristics of MOSFET and IGBT
  • Transient Characteristics of SCR and MOSFET
  • AC to DC Single Half / Fully Controlled Converter
  • AC to DC Three Half / Fully Controlled Converter
  • MOSFET based Step up and Step down Chopper
  • IGBT based Single Phase and three phase PWM Inverter
  • Resonant DC to DC Converter
  • SCR based Voltage / Current Commutated Chopper
  • IGBT based High Frequency Chopper
  • SCR and TRIAC based Single Phase AC Voltage Controller
  • Powerscope, LCR Q-meter, auto transformers, isolation transformers,rheostat, multimeters, measuring instruments

Power Electronics and Drive Lab:

  • Four Quadrant Chopper
  • Three Phase AC Voltage Controller with Induction Motor Control
  • Single phase cyclo converter
  • Series and Parallel Inverter
  • Microcontroller based Speed Control of Stepper Motor
  • Switched Mode Power Supply
  • 3 phase IGBT based Converter for DC motor control 
  • IGBT based inverter for single phase Induction motor control
  • DSP TMS320F2407A controlled PMSM motor
  • DSP based speed control of BLDC Motor
  • DSP based speed control of Switched Reluctance Motor
  • DSPIC30F4011 Based PWM Controller
  • DSPIC 30F4011 based PWM controller with V/F control Technique
  • FPGA Based MOSFET Buck-Boost Converter ,VPA Spartan 3A/3A DSP FPGA BOARD
  • Digital Storage oscilloscope, Isolation Transformers