Mechanical Engineering - An Overview

The Mechanical Engineering department started in the year 2009 is well equipped with latest state-of-the-art laboratories and manned by highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The department has adopted latest teaching and learning processes like e-learning, Google apps, power point presentations, seminars, industrial visits, expert lectures from industry personnel etc.

We take special efforts to reduce the gap between Industry and Institute. Mechanical Engineering is a vital branch of specialization which caters to the machine building and structural establishment. It gives lot of exposure to diversified engineering fields. Mechanical Engineers are required not only in Mechanical Industries, but also in Chemical, Process , Fertilizers, software industry etc. Also, they play very important role in Government sectors like Engineering Services, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Power Plants etc. Hence the employment potential is very high for Mechanical Engineers.


  • To groom and mold outstanding professionals in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


  • Impart students with skills of innovation and excellence to succeed in ever advancing mechanical stream.
  • Develop ethical and moral qualities to sustain the future challenges.