Jansons Institute of Technology has adequate fully air conditioned lecture halls with the latest educational technology equipment, including ergonomically designed work desks, LCD Projectors and internet connectivity. All the classrooms are installed with LCD projectors and CCTV cameras. The use of ICT tools such as Portable speakers, Flipped class rooms, Moodle, Text magnifier and infrared indicator enhances learning experiences of the students and provides skill set relevant to the latest trends.

ICT-enabled classrooms make the learning and teaching process interesting, creative and more inclusive. Due to the usage of ICT, Classroom learning becomes more interesting. Student’s can access the course materials anywhere through moodle. Due to the use of ICT tools, classroom learning is not just restricted to textbooks, whiteboard and marker but also, relevant videos, documentary, movies, presentation, online study materials which become an integral part of the daily learning process.