To create an innovative ecosystem within the institution, JIT-IIC in association with Iterators Club organized a workshop on ”Prototype Modelling” called as THULIR for the Pre-final year students on 18.03.2023.In the beginning of the session ,all the Dignities namely Dr.G.Vetrichelvi / Chief Mentor, Ms J Balakiruba / Mentor of this event has arrived on Dias. The session started with the Welcome Address by Ms.M.Vasundhara, 3rd Year Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Student, then Dr G Vetrichelvi, Director Research, JIT-IIC, reveals the keynote address about the “THULIR” a Prototype Modelling to the students. The session was handled by the students of 3rd Year, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data science. There are 11 teams, around 31 students has participated. Each team has present their Ideas about the project and receive feedback from the Dignities. Every team provided their project description as following, the problem statement, set of goals for the project, the overall objective for the project as well as a project plan that describes the activities of the team members. They also explained about the tools and materials required for prototyping. Overall the event is an interactive that equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to build effective prototypes for a variety of applications. Then the appraisal session has done by Dr.G Vetrichelvi in order to analyse the performance of the students work. She lean towards positivity, placing an emphasis on the project development  and encouraging the students for further process. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Ms.M.Nandhana,3rd Year Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Student.