Electrical Machines Laboratory

List of Equipments

  • DC Motors- DC Shunt Motor/ DC Series motor / Compound motor
  • Coupled Sets (DC) – Shunt motor coupled with Shunt Generator, Shunt motor coupled with Compound Generator
  • AC Motors – Three phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor , Three phase Slip ring induction Motor, Single phase Induction Motor, Three phase Synchronous motor              
  • Coupled Sets (AC) – DC Shunt motor coupled with Turbo Alternator,  DC Shunt motor coupled with Salient pole Alternator        
  •  Single Phase Transformer
  •  Single Phase and Three phase Auto Transformer
  • Starters- Star – Delta Starter,  Rotor Resistance Starter, DOL Starter, Three Point Starter, Four Point Starter  
  • Single phase and Three Phase  Resistive load
  • Wire Wound Rheostats
  • Measuring Instruments
  • DC rectifier power source