Physics Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art Physics laboratory is equipped and established at an area of 171.42 Sq.m with modern equipments to help the students learn the concepts of Physics with experiments. It is designed to give practice of taking measurements, analyzing data and drawing inferences while the students experiment.

  1.  He-Ne Laser
  2. Spectrometer
  3. Travelling Microscope
  4. Semiconductor Laser
  5. Ultrasonic Interferometer
  6. Fiber Optic Trainer
  7. Carey Foster’s Bridge
  8. Post office box
  9. Digital Balance
  10. Lee’s Disc  Apparatus
  11. Deflection Magnetometer
  12. Magnetic stirrer
  13. Torsional Pendulum
Chemistry lab_image2

Chemistry Laboratory

  1. Visible Spectrophotometer
  2. Digital electronic Balance
  3. Magnetic Stirrer
  4. pH meter
  5. Conductivity meter
  6. Potentiometer
  7. Hot plate
  8. Water bath
  9. Ostwald viscometer
  10. Digital Flame photometer
  11. Demineralizer unit
  12. Hot air oven
  13. Digital Stopwatch
  14. Mechanical Shaker

Language Lab

Complying the curriculum requirements, the language laboratory has been established by Jansons Institute of Technology to enhance the language proficiency of the students and to facilitate the learners to gain mastery in the use of English. It enables the students to expedite the process of improving learning skills with more emphasis on LSRW (Learning, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) leading to desirable employability. The language lab intends to develop the confidence level of students and it would motivate them to use their language skills outside the classroom as well. The technology thus fulfills all the needs of language learners and educators. The Laboratory is effectively utilized by students and faculty members for various self-enhancement and soft skill development activities.

Laboratory proves beneficial for those students who are poor in the use of the English language. Students from rural areas who are generally weak in English can have sufficient ear training in the language lab. It aims at confidence-building among students for interactions and presentations in English. The basic purpose of the lab is to provide students a platform to enhance English language skills, communication skills and to practice soft skills. Language Lab is useful to enrich a student’s language learning experiences. Further, this revolutionary language lab is equipped with audio recording facilities which help a great mode of evaluation and feedback. By this self-evaluation of the students’ performance, they can identify the areas that need to be improved or changed.


  • To enhance the proficiency of the students in all four primary skills (LSRW) of English through computer-aided teaching.
  • To emphasize the importance of English as a medium of learning academic subjects.
  • To facilitate the students to shed fear and anxiety while using English and to overcome their mother tongue influence.
  • To equip students with the confidence to undergo placement training programs through round the year practice in small presentations, group discussions, debates, and mock interviews.
  • To enhance spoken skills through various software/ computer programs.
  • To develop an interactive approach in learning the second language.
  • To provide every student enough time to practice the components of the language through repeated exposures.
  • To make them aware of the need to learn better pronunciation through stress on word accent, intonation, and rhythm.

Highlights of the Lab:

The students are given training in the areas of

  • Conversational English
  • Soft skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Business communication
  • Group discussion
  • Pre-placement training
  • Corporate readiness
  • Formal and informal situation
  • Resume preparation
  • E-mail writing
  • PPT Preparation and presentation

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