About ARCRA club:

JIT ARCRA club is a platform to show the imagination and skills of students towards the nation building. Students have enormous ideas and courage in order to bring our nation in wealth and it provides the space to work through their artistic expression on their own hardworking. It brings out the unturned latent talents among the students and motivates the students’. It allows the students as nation builders to create their imaginations independently through the activity such as Drawing, Handicraft, Origami, Painting, Paper Craft, Sketching, Wooden Work/Art/Artwork and Woollen Work.

  • To motivate the student’s ability through art and design
  • To bring the responsibility of student’s in the nation building through appreciating their individual creativity
  • To provide a learning experience in order to develop the student’s artistic skills, imagination
  • To provide an opportunity to develop student’s self-confidence through their artistic achievement
  • To conduct a competition amongst the students to create artefacts that is visually expressive
  • To give the importance of the national and international days to the society through the student’s art, craft and design
  • To provide opportunities for students to conserve the natural resources with the use of unused variety of materials, tools and equipment
  • To make students to aware of the essential health and safety practices in all aspects of art, craft and design