“NEP ki Samajh” – Celebrating 3 years of Implementation of NEP 2020.


The Ministry of Education in collaboration with MyGov is hosting a Short Video Competition on Implementation of NEP 2020 to raise awareness about the student centric aspects of NEP amongst young people on the Theme: “NEP Ki Samajh”. This competition aims to motivating the youth of India to take advantage of the plethora of learning solutions offered by NEP and encourage them to utilise their creativity to compose and submit short videos about their experiences with NEP.

Objective of Short-Video Competition:

·        To engage young people aged between 18-23 and spread awareness
about the student centric components of NEP. 

·        To generate real-life, relevant audio/ video bytes to utilize as
promotional material in future NEP awareness/ implementation campaigns.

Submission Guideline:

Participants need to submit minimum one video with one 1 question and can submit 3 separate  videos with answers of 3 different questions (questions are given below).

The participant must submit separate short-video entries for each question. The length of short video should be between 45-60 seconds.

Answer minimum 1 or maximum 3 amongst the following 11

1. What does NEP mean for India’s youth?

2. How will NEP improve the education ecosystem of India?

3. How did your internship experience/industry visit make you job-ready? (Job- readiness and experiential learning)

4. How have you benefited from digital learning through online learning platforms like SWAYAM or NPTEL?

5. How do you think the Academic Bank of Credits will provide value to students in transferring credits between different Higher Education Institutions?

6. How important is it for students to have flexibility to choose subjects based on their interests? (Choice Based Learning)

7. What subjects would you choose as part of your ideal multi-disciplinary programme course curriculum and why? (Multi-disciplinarity/Flexibility)

8. Engineering courses have been made available in multiple Indian Languages. How is it beneficial for you?

9. India has rich traditional knowledge resources spread across States/ UTs, since ages. What would be the benefits of integration of such ancient knowledge of India with the modern education system to address the future challenges?

10. In what way, the collaboration of Indian HEIs with Foreign HEIs by way of offering Joint Degree, Dual Degree and Twinning programme, will be beneficial to you?

11. National Credit Framework (NCrF) & National Higher Education Qualification Framework (NHEQF), which attempt to align Indian education system with the Global education system. How will it allow you to pursue the course of study as per your choice, pace and convenience?

Points to Remember:

The Participant can submit their entry via YouTube (Unlisted Link), Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.,  and ensure that the link can be accessible. Entry shall lead to disqualification automatically if Access is not granted.


The 10 Best entries will be rewarded with a cash prize of Rs. 3000/- each.

Terms and Condition:

·      The Competition is open for all Pan India young people belonging to the age group of 18-23.

·       Participants to ensure that their MyGov Profile is accurate and
updated since this profile shall be  used for further communication. This
includes details such as name, photo, complete postal address, email ID, and
phone number, state. Entries with incomplete profiles will not be considered.

·       Entries once submitted, copyrights will solely be with the Ministry of Education.

·        Participants will be asked for identification of proofs, if deemed as winners.

·        Each question to be answered in form of a 45 – 60 sec short video.

·        The entry must not contain any provocative, objectionable, or inappropriate content. Participant & profile owner should be the same. Mismatch will lead to disqualification.

·        Videos can be shot on a Mobile camera also. Please ensure the videos shot, are in good quality in ratio 16:9 in Horizontal format. Videos shot using vertical formats will not be accepted.

·        The submitted entry must be original and Copied entries or plagiarized entries will not be considered under the contest.

·        The submitted entry must not infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.

·        All entries will be intellectual property of Ministry of Education, Government of India and UGC.  participants shall not exercise any right or claim over it at a future date.

·        The organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the competition/guidelines/evaluation criteria etc., at any time.

·        The short video submissions may be used by Ministry of Education,
Government of India & UGC/AICTE for promotional/ or display purposes, Information, Education and Communication materials, and for any other use as may be deemed appropriate.

·        MoE/UGC/AICTE will have full rights and controls over entries /videos which

·        include its use for public consumption.

·        Upon submitting the entries, the entrant accepts and agrees to be
bound by these terms and conditions mentioned.

·        The video format should be .mov/mp4 format.

·        Non-conformity to guidelines will lead to disqualification of the

Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell appeals all educational Institutions and their IIC members to celebrate 3rd anniversary of NEP 2020.