Book Review Event

Book Review Event – 26.11.2021 A Book Review Event was conducted on 26 th Nov, 2021 by the National Digital Library Association of India (NDLI Club) of Jansons Institute of Technology in association with the Tamil Mandram on the Seminar Hall from 03.15 PM onwards. […]

Tamil Poem Competition

“Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive, and widely effective mode of saying things.” Matthew Arnold An Inter-department Tamil Poetry Competition was organized on 12th August, 2022 through online mode. Beauty is the realm of poetry; the students enthusiastically participated in the competition as they […]

Thiruthakka Devar ennum samana munivaral iyatrappata ‘Seevaga Sinthamani’ – Maberum Ilakkiya Thiranaivu(Book Review Event) – 10.05.2022

Thiruthakka Devar ennum samana munivaralIyatrappata ‘Seevaga Sinthamani’ – Maberum Ilakkiya Thiranaivu            Thiruthakka Thevar (Tamil Jain and a descendant of Chola Dynasty) once a ruler from the Maravar Boomi(Ancient name of Madurai) lived during the 9th & 10th Century , belongs to the […]