I am a Smarticus!

“I am a Smarticus! (Accelerating ideas)” To enrich the innovative thoughts and creative ideas a Data Analytics Club  in association with JIT – Institution Innovation Council conducted an event “I am a Smarticus! (Accelerating ideas)” for students pursuing B.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science on […]

Idea Manifest

Idea Manifest on “Emerging Ideas of AI over Social Issues” The idea Manifest event’s  is planned to turn promising student business projects into real-life business ventures.An Idea Manifest event “”Emerging Ideas of AI over Social Issues” has been organized by Data Analytics Club in association […]

Computer Vision in AI

Computer Vision in AI Computer vision is a subfield of artificial intelligence. The purpose of computer vision is to program a computer to “understand” a scene or features in an image.One interesting application of computer vision, commonly used in the creation of visual effects for cinema and broadcast, is camera tracking or […]