Group debate on personalization and privacy in big data analysis

Personalization is the process of adapting the output of a system to a user’s context and profile. User information such as geographical location, academic and professional background, membership in groups, interests, preferences, opinions, etc. may be used in the process. Big data analysis techniques enable collecting accurate and rich information for user profiles in particular due to their ability to process unstructured as well as structured information in high volumes from multiple sources.To gain more knowledge about personalization and privacy in big data analysis, Data Analytics Club organised the Group Debate on “personalization and privacy in big data analysis” was held on 29.09.2021 from 3.15 pm to 4.15 pm in the venue Lecture Hall 5 for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Students.

 In order to make the session lively, various videos and questions have been show cased to the participants.Some of the topics covered during the session are as follows,

  1. How the personal and private data is being used in BIG DATA ANALYSIS.
  2. Dangerous situations of anonymous people.
  3. Discussed the main topics of saving time,saving money,better information,and addressing ongoing needs.

Number of Participants:63