Webinar on “Opportunities In Solar Technology”

 Opportunities In Solar Technology The   topic on   ” Opportunities In Solar Technology” was organized as an alumni talk series dated 29.05.2021 by the management of Jansons Institute of technology and Department of EEE .The topic was presented by Mr. E.Yuvaprabhu, Project Engineer, Udhaya Energy Photovoltaic […]


TALKATHON’21! The Event” TALKATHON’21! ” was held on 25.05.2021 at 4.00 pm via online. The Participants gave their best and exposed their skills in delivering the content. They also shared useful technical information like how AI and ML have been applied in real life.  Some […]


PODCAST CONTEST                   PODCAST CONTEST was conducted by Internal Women Caring Cell on 20th May 2021 for all students of Jansons Institute of Technology. PODCAST is a spoken digital audio file to educate, share knowledge and entertain […]

Webinar on “Opportunities in PSUs through GATE”

Webinar on “Opportunities in PSUs through GATE” An awareness talk on “Opportunities in PSUs through GATE” was arranged by the JIT ISTE Student Chapter for the ISTE student chapter members of JIT on 19.05.2021(AN). The invited speaker was Mr.J.Aravindthan, Junior Telecom Officer, BSNL, Coimbatore. The […]