Opportunities In Solar Technology

The   topic on   ” Opportunities In Solar Technology” was organized as an alumni talk series dated 29.05.2021 by the management of Jansons Institute of technology and Department of EEE .The topic was presented by Mr. E.Yuvaprabhu, Project Engineer, Udhaya Energy Photovoltaic Pvt.Ltd.  The presenter insights are as follows,  

  • Applications of solar panels, its employability and entrepreneur opportunity. Students perceived clear idea on job opportunities in solar as testing engineer, design engineer, Engineering Procurement Construction
  • How to erect the solar power plant ,to estimate it, to procure the components, select the inverter duty transformer, Switch gear and isolator selection , metering, CT and PT, ISO standards, earthing, grounding, mounting.
  • How to operate and maintain solar power plant?
  • Focused on distributors, dealers, third party services for maintenance of solar panel, transformer, batteries, freelancer, subcontractor, man power companies, energy auditor.
  • The presenter added his experience on Field Observation Experience (FOE) as an Installation & Commissioning Engineer.
  • Many career options included in this EEE stream were clearly addressed.