Seminar on “My Story –Motivational Session by Successful Innovator”

To summarize the Opportunities available for entrepreneurship and to give a clear idea on critical thinking, the Department of CSE organized a Seminar on “My Story –Motivational Session by Successful Innovator” on 19.9.2023. Overview of various concepts related to Entrepreneurship was discussed in detail.
The welcome address was given by Rabiya farheen Syed of II CSE and Chief Guest introduction was provided by Ms KARISHMA of II CSE. The Chief Guest Mr.M.GOKUL ,Founder & CEO The Fiche Photography Services, delivered talk regarding Opportunities, Risk taking & Critical Thinking and how to – build a team, raise capital, learn from failures which will be helpful for students future. He has also delivered a story regarding career and successful work and motivated students and faculty members and also gave an insight into some common misbeliefs that budding entrepreneurs have about initiating their projects and start-up ideas. He also encouraged the audience to follow their dreams of building their own start-ups saying that one should not be afraid in taking the first step towards their goal. The feedback
was provided by few of the participants which was very commendable. The session ended with a Q&A session, giving the participants opportunity to clarify their doubts about entrepreneurship. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Sanjiv Roshan of IV CSE. About 87 students and 8 teachers participated
and benefited from this seminar.