The event titled “Achieving Solution Problem Fit and Market Product Fit” took place on January 2, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Dr. E. Kamtchi Muthulakshmi, an esteemed speaker, delivered a keynote address focusing on the critical aspects of aligning solutions with problems and achieving market and product fit.

The event began with a prayer, followed by a warm welcome from Sahana, a second-year student. Sana, another second-year student, delivered a presidential address highlighting the importance of the topic. Dr. Muthulakshmi’s keynote address, spanning from 2:25 PM to 3:50 PM, provided valuable insights and practical examples on achieving alignment in product development and market strategy.

A Q&A session allowed the audience to engage with Dr. Muthulakshmi, fostering interactive discussions. The event concluded with Aashini delivering a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to Dr. Muthulakshmi, the organizing committee, sponsors, and the audience for their contributions.

Overall, the event successfully explored the complexities of solution problem fit and market product fit, leaving the audience with a deeper understanding of these crucial elements in the realm of product development and market strategy. The collaborative efforts of the organizing committee, active audience participation, and Dr. Muthulakshmi’s insightful keynote address contributed to the event’s success.