Event on “How to shape your career in Data Analytics” was conducted by the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in association with Iterators Club on 16.09.2023. The Participants are welcomed by Sarvetha of 3rd year, and the keynote address is given by the speaker Mr.Nagendira K. It was a comprehensive and enlightening session focused on guiding attendees in the pursuit of successful careers in data analytics. He initiated the event by providing a clear introduction to the field, emphasizing its relevance in today’s data-driven world. Attendees gained insights into various career paths within data analytics, from data engineering to business intelligence. The speaker highlighted essential skills and qualifications needed for a prosperous career, covering both technical and soft skills. Current industry trends and emerging technologies were discussed, ensuring participants stayed informed about the rapidly evolving landscape. Real-world case studies were presented to illustrate the practical application of data analytics in solving complex problems across different industries. A dynamic Q&A session facilitated direct interaction between Nagendira K and the audience, allowing personalized insights and addressing individual queries. The event successfully inspired and motivated attendees to pursue or advance their careers in data analytics, providing tangible guidance and fostering connections within the community.