Event on “Story behind a successful startup and challenges faced” was conducted by the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in association with Iterators Club on 07.10.2023. The Participants are welcomed by Sanjana of 3rd year, and the keynote address is given by the speaker Mr.N.Rajkumar. On October 7, 2023, in Seminar Hall 1, Rajkumar N shared his cool story about starting a successful business. He began by talking about where the idea came from and how he faced tough times at the start, but never gave up. He explained how he built a great team who believed in the business. He also said that being able to change and come up with new ideas was really important. He talked a lot about making customers happy and how that helped his business grow. Rajkumar N shared some big moments and achievements, showing that hard work pays off. The event ended with his answering questions from the audience. People left feeling inspired and with practical tips to try in their own businesses. The talk was a big success in bringing people together and encouraging everyone to follow their dreams.