Alumni Interaction – Webinar on Precast Construction Technology

An Alumni interaction program was organized by Civil Engineering department in association with Alumni cell. The event was engraved by Mr.G.Rubesh, Project Engineer, Teemage Builders PVT LTd (2014 – 18 batch).

The key points stated by Alumna are as follows:

 Today, we can see that the Indian construction majors are adopting precast concrete technology in constructing their latest projects. Precast concrete technology is a durable and versatile technology for construction. In this technology the different elements or panels of concrete are produced under strict quality control measures in state of the art factories by highly trained personnel, with virtually no wastage. There are dedicated precast factories which serve produce for multiple construction projects as well as on-site precast factories which serve a particular construction project.

Precast concrete technology consists of custom-designed precast concrete elements such as:

  • roof slabs,
  • beams
  • columns
  • wall panels
  • partition walls
  • load bearing walls
  • facades
  • preinstalled windows
  • staircases
  • central core

It is estimated that the precast concrete technology can save up to 64% of the time taken for similar projects using the old and traditional construction methods and technology.