Alumni Interaction – Motivational webinar on Construction practices

             An Alumni interaction program was organized by Civil Engineering department in association with Alumni cell. The event was engraved by Mr.T.Velmani, Senior Executive in South Zone design Team, Reliance Industries, Bangalore

The key points stated by Alumna are as follows:

One of the streams in engineering is Civil Engineering, in which the students learn about construction, designing, and maintenance of physical and natural structures. This helps them ensure strength and usability for the development of a particular environment. The job opportunities after Civil Engineering are also never-ending. Civil Engineers play a vital role in constructing highly productive structures like roads, bridges, dams, buildings, stadiums, sewage systems, pipelines. Also, they construct railway lines that are an essential part of our lives. They closely study each structure and then map it digitally or on a piece of paper. After that, they work on factors like the design, the strength of the structure, the angles, and the dimensions, making it robust and useful. Civil engineers are the builders of past, present, and future and the backbone of our cities.