Webinar on “Optimization Techniques in Compiler

Date : 04-06-2022
Time : 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Resource Person:
Dr. K.Geetha
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Excel Engineering College (Autonomous), Komarapalayam

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a webinar on “Optimization Techniques in Compiler” on 04.06.2022. The session was taken forward through hybrid mode.

Dr. K.Geetha, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering was the Resource Person for the Session. She interacted and shared her knowledge about compiler. Participants were briefed about how,

  • To find exceptional instances with efficient implementations and adjust the code in less computation time and high speed.
  • To match the program’s resource requirements to the target processor’s resources, such as functional units, memory hierarchy capacity and bandwidth (registers, cache, translation lookaside buffers, and memory) and instruction-level parallelism.
  • To examine the types of features that customers value the most, as well as the obstacles that both offline and online compilation, which includes IT and data management.
  • To recommend best practices for compiler optimization approaches.

The Webinar Talk was well attended by over 89 participants from Third Year CSE. The feedback received was very commendable in all aspects.