Farewell day and Annual day 2019

II year Electrical and Electronics Engineering students bid a warm farewell to their senior students.  The farewell day function was initiated with welcoming their seniors. The programme was started by 10.15 am.  It started with the welcome address, which was delivered by Ms.S. Sandhya, II year EEE.  The various other events are: Audio Visual on memories of IV year students, various cultural activities, fun games for the seniors, thought sharing by seniors and finally Vote of Thanks delivered. 

Later five saplings were planted by the senior students in the presence of II year students and faculty members at the bus parking place.

The Annual day programme started by 02:10 pm.

The Annual day function started with the invocation of Tamizh Thaivazhthu by Ms. Mythili and Ms. Keerthanadevi, II year EEE at Sivaganga Auditorium.  The Parents of Academic excellence students were the Chief Guest.  The Annual day programme was initiated with welcome address by Ms.J. Monicka of final year EEE.  The Annual report was read by Dr.S. Elangovan, HoD, Dept. of EEE. It was followed by prize distribution ceremony. Parents distributed the certificates and medals to the students for academic excellence.

Mr.Jegannathan and Mrs.Jeyalakshmi, parents of Mr.J. Manoj (IV year EEE) honored Ms. Sandhiya and Ms.Shenbagam (II year EEE students) with certificates and medals for I place and II place.  Mr.Sundaramoorthy and Mrs.Latha, parents of  Ms.S.L. Ramya (IV year EEE) honored Mr. J. Manoj and Ms.J. Monicka (IV year EEE students) with certificates and medals for I place and II place.  Mr.Sankararaj and Mrs.Jothi, parents of  Ms.J. Monicka (IV year EEE) honored Ms.S. Amsaveni (I year ME PED student) with certificates and medals for I place.  The Best outgoing student of the year was awarded to Ms.J, Monicka and Ms. S.L. Ramya by Mr. Sivasamy and Mrs. Nagarathinam  parents of Ms.S. Shenbagam (II year EEE).  The Best outgoing students were given a shield and certificate. 

Mr.N. Sathish, IV EEE delivered vote of Thanks.  The programme was continued with various cultural activities. The annual day function came to a successful end with the National Anthem