Annual Day Celebration  on 25/02/2020
The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has organized Annual day on 25.02.2020.  The programme was started by 01.40 PM.

The Parents of Academic excellence students were the Chief Guest.  The Annual day programme was initiated with welcome address by Ms.S. Mythili of III year EEE.  The Annual report was read by Ms.S. Sandhiya, III year EEE.  After that, the prize distribution ceremony was done.  The students of academic toppers were given certificates and medals.  Mr.M. Senthilkumar and Mrs.S. Rajeswari, the parents of Mr. S. Rohithkumar, I year EEE, distributed the certificate and medal to Mr.RS Heyram, I year EEE.  Mr.KR Senthilkumaran and Ms.S. Sri Padma, the parents of Mr.R.S. Heyram distributed the certificate and medal to Mr.S. Rohithkumar, I year EEE.  Mr.R. Ramasamy  and Mrs.R. Pushpalatha, the parents of Ms.R. Anusha delivered the certificate and medal to Mr.P. Vishnu, III year EEE.  Mr.P.K. Jeganathan and Mrs.J. Narmatha Devi, the parents of Ms.J. Gayadhiri Dhevi delivered the certificate and medal to Ms.K. Ranjitha, III year EEE. Ms.K. Rajamani, Mother of Ms.K. Ranjitha delivered the certificates and medals to Ms.S. Amsaveni and Ms.J. Gayadhiri devi of II year ME PED and Ms.R. Anusha of II year BE EEE.  Later the vote of Thanks was delivered by Mr.N. Vijayaraghavan, III year EEE.  The programme was continued with various cultural activities of the host department and participants from all other departments.  The programme was ended with national anthem at 04:30 PM. The programme was well coordinated by Dr.K. Mahendran.  The student coordinators for the Annual day function were Mr.N. Vijayaraghavan and Ms.S. Mythili of III year EEE, Mr.Tamilvendan and Ms.Sneha of II year EEE and Mr.RS. Heyram of I year EEE.  The programme was well coordinated and well attended by the participants.