Energy analytics datasets and Case Studies

The department of EEE organized an webinar on “Energy Analytics Datasets and Case studies” for the EEE students on 12.8.2020 as a part of the industry readiness course on Solar power Applications and Energy engineering. The session started by 2.30 pm. The session was handled by Dr.Somasundaram, Seimens, Coimbatore. The speaker was welcomed by the HOD  and his profile was unveiled to the students. The speaker started his presentation with the energy demand in the industries. He explained the tools for doing energy analysis in industries. He then projected about the smart systems involved in the industries for continuous monitoring of energy consumption in the industries. The role of sensors, the huge data available for analysis was explained by him with case studies and examples. He then explained about the process to work on the huge data. He explained about the deep learning algorithms used in industries. He also detailed about the methods used for energy conservation and the recent research areas in energy sector. The session was very relavant to energy engineering and the session gave a great insight into the current industrial scenario. The speaker was thanked by the HOD and the session came to an end by 3.45pm