Department of EEE organized a Guest lecture on “How to get Internation Research Project” on 23.09.2017 for the final year EEE students and for M.E. Power Electronics and Drives students during the international conference on ICAETGT17.  This was also attended by all the faculty members of Department of EEE.  The Guest for this lecture was Dr. Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban, Associate Professor of Department of EEE, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

He explained the participants the procedural steps for preparing a Research Proposal for funding Agencies in the national and International funding Agencies such as IEEE, ISTE, DST, and others.  He told that the presenation of research proposal is more matters than the content of the proposal.  He explained the nature of follow-up actions to be done after sending the proposal.  He also explained the ways and means of spending the sponsored money under various head and how the bill settlement needs to be done and what are the expectations of the funding agency.